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This article showcases top blogs in multiple markets. Follow their lead to take your blog from good to great. Each of these successful blog examples has incorporated unique features that have attracted thousands of readers. Come on! Don’t miss a chance to get something from these articles for your blog.

Sweet Leaf Tea

This is a blog site that sells specialty teas. They’ve figured out a way to humanize their blog while staying true to their brand. Sweet Leaf Tea uses their blog design to bring a less formal, more human touch to their brand.

Notice in the image below the casual fonts, the old-world feeling of their images and the informal language they use to spotlight the features on the site. It’s more “people-speak” than “marketing-speak” and this strategy instantly draws in their target audience.

Tip: Consider allowing your employees to be the face of your brand. Highlighting your team is a great way to bring your readers behind the scenes and let them see the team camaraderie. This kind of transparency builds trust with your readers.

Stonyfield Farms

Specializes in organic dairy products. Their branding is geared toward family, farming and living an organic lifestyle.

Stonyfield does a great job of staying true to their brand by creating a targeted theme within their blog. As you can see from the image below, they use a barnyard as their home page backdrop, and include pictures of healthy families and articles about healthy living. All of these components reinforce their theme of family and healthy living. Plus, notice how they say “Let’s Be Friends,” a much friendlier, warmer way to encourage people to connect with you on your social sites.

Tip: Try to weave in a theme throughout your blog. To help with this, consider inviting outsiders to contribute to your blog. Another great tip is to go deeper by allowing your audience to see what’s behind the curtain. Behind-the-scenes stories and footage invite the reader in even more and will help you create content that stays true to your theme.

Danny Brown’s blog

This is a blog for a terrific case study for consultants or anyone with a personal brand. This site positions Brown as an expert in his field and showcases his expertise, knowledge and services.

A brilliant feature on this blog is the way Danny presents his consulting services without being too pushy or arrogant. It’s all about the language he uses. Instead of saying “Hire Me” on his site, he instead uses the phrase “Work with Me.” It’s a subtle shift in language, but conjures up an entirely different experience.

Tip: Make content sharing on your site as easy as possible for your readers. If they have to look around for the share features, they’ll likely skip sharing altogether. Consider using the Digg Digg plugin to make this possible on your site.





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What is Blog?

Weblog or its short name blog is an online journal that is updated daily or frequently and open for public viewing.  Today, blogging is not only for individual but also for businesses (you can see the explanation on how blog can help businesses ) .

As what you can see, blog just like a normal website but the only thing makes it different than website are the content that published chronologically, contents are updated frequently, readers could leave a comment, there are also features around it that rarely used in website.


Facebook vs Google Plus ( Google+ )

Facebook nowadays very popular as a complete features social media.  Everything you need to socialize is there and everything you need for your business promotion and branding also there.

Do you know about Google new launched service known as Google Plus (Google +)? Maybe not much people knows or we are ignoring it as we already have our social media based known Facebook… In Facebook we have almost everything in socializing and we have meet thousand of friends around the world and we happy to share every of our moment and information.. even our boss is our friend in Facebook.  Here we can see that in Facebook everything (posting, friends, etc) is set in general but in Google+ it is different.

In Google+, there is function known as Circles, this function allows you to group your friends by family, close friends, office friends, new friends or clubbing friends and share different thoughts or photos to different group or the right people. It is like you experiencing Google+ like at the real life.

Hangouts or video conferencing with up to 9 people at once… it is like you are meeting your good friends wherever you are, makes you feel that everyone is there.

There are many more features that very useful and entertaining like mobile uploads, games and messenger.  We do searching with google, we email with google, we advertise with google, every online activities with google… Do not be left behind… and do not ignore Google, he is our uncle (Pak cik Google)…. and Facebook is Google’s adopted son as the founder (Mark Zuckerberg) for sure using Google now…  🙂


Search Engine Optimization Tips (SEO Tips)

There are lots of SEO techniques that can be practiced to improve your web or blog visibility in search engine. Some of the techniques are URL Submission, Content and back link strategy and there are also many SEO software and SEO services offered on the net to help us with SEO.

However, before or while you start any of this campaign, you must ensure that your content are rich with high search keywords as this will automatically crawled by google and help you in search engine SEO even if you are not doing any SEO.  Make sure that you firstly study the keyword using Google Keyword tools in order to get the right and high search keyword.

Content technique might take long time to establish your website  or blog positioning but there is fast positioning techniques that you should know when you are writing a content. Gather the keyword that surfer use to surf internet with billions, millions and hundred thousands total search monthly, then start writing your content by adding the keyword in the content or write something that related to the keyword.

As an example you are doing Gold Business, a keyword that normally use by layman to search Gold Business are: Invest in Gold, How to Invest in Gold, Gold Investing, Investing in Gold. This keywords should be use in your content rather than just concentrating to Gold keyword as the word is having a high competition for web positioning in search engine.

Search Engine Optimization

Today, another story about SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ), one of our Technology partner now having ranked in the 1st page for 79.3 million keyword search Submit Ads Free Malaysia .

What is Search Engine Optimization? SEO is the short form for Search Engine Optimization means a process of improving the visibility of website or web page in search engines via the “natural” or “un-paid” (“organic” or “algorythmic”) search results (source: wikipedia). Which means the traffic comes naturally..

SEO is important for your website or webpage because search engine friendly website will appear in the search engine list and the earlier it appear the better it will be in terms of getting more visitors, getting a targeted prospects and create crowds awareness about your website / service / product.

There are a lot of questions by website owner about their search engine optimization activities that failed to position their website at the first page, even after they have put a creative name for their domain, the sweetest name for their website name and lot of articles posted to their blog but still unable to beat the other website that best ranked in search engine list.  Not bothering how the search engine really works and how the search engine optimization techniques really applied, will make your website the same with others outranked website that will not be visited by anyone.

Don’t let your website invisible, make it visible to the world..



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