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What is #1Blog.my

Privately owned and managed since 2010 under Global Expert Technology, Multimax Expert group of company, #1blog.my is based out of Selangor, Malaysia. #1Blog.my has been dedicated to providing WordPress dynamic website, shopping cart & landing page solutions for small, medium and large scale businesses as well as personal customers around Malaysia Our affordable pricing and valued customer support are a few of the many reasons we have been successful in the web hosting specifically on simple but effective online presence industry. #1Blog.my brings you complete tools for the easy way of owning personal blog or build your business credibility on the internet.

#1Blog.my understands our customers needs and is committed to delivering the fastest and most secure hosting solution, at the lowest possible rate, period.  These day, Internet is a very powerful marketing medium, by having your own business website, your business branding will be easier, you could create two way communication with your customers and this would create your credibility as a business owner. To achieve this, our team are constantly innovating, embracing emerging technologies and consistently upgrading our services, without affecting our customers rates.

#1blog.my are happy to see everyone who use the internet could utilize every single technology for own good.  Our mission is to develop internet savvy entrepreneurs, provide services that helps entrepreneur minimize development cost, accelerates the learning process in building their internet business and encourage internet users to have their own website to take place in fast growing marketing method. In current Digital Media trend, #1Blog.my is the best choice and also furnished with free widgets & plugin that will handle & connect your business and  also be linked to various social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others with single click without high skill programing.

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