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Facebook vs Google Plus ( Google+ )

Facebook nowadays very popular as a complete features social media.  Everything you need to socialize is there and everything you need for your business promotion and branding also there.

Do you know about Google new launched service known as Google Plus (Google +)? Maybe not much people knows or we are ignoring it as we already have our social media based known Facebook… In Facebook we have almost everything in socializing and we have meet thousand of friends around the world and we happy to share every of our moment and information.. even our boss is our friend in Facebook.  Here we can see that in Facebook everything (posting, friends, etc) is set in general but in Google+ it is different.

In Google+, there is function known as Circles, this function allows you to group your friends by family, close friends, office friends, new friends or clubbing friends and share different thoughts or photos to different group or the right people. It is like you experiencing Google+ like at the real life.

Hangouts or video conferencing with up to 9 people at once… it is like you are meeting your good friends wherever you are, makes you feel that everyone is there.

There are many more features that very useful and entertaining like mobile uploads, games and messenger.  We do searching with google, we email with google, we advertise with google, every online activities with google… Do not be left behind… and do not ignore Google, he is our uncle (Pak cik Google)…. and Facebook is Google’s adopted son as the founder (Mark Zuckerberg) for sure using Google now…  🙂